Insight Series: Mayor Mahesh Kharel – Managing and innovating during crises

By Shubhechchha Dallakoti
(BBA Student)

Mr. Mahesh Kharel is the Nepali Congress candidate who has been elected as the mayor of Panchkhal Municipality in Kavre district bagged 7,356 votes.

Firstly, he talked about the COVID situation in Panchkhal Municipality. He is positive towards the COVID situations which has taught people to tackle the problems in different ways. According to him, he has been providing Rs. 10,000 to the poor people who has not been able to treat themselves from the municipality side. He has been providing the charge less ambulance service not only to the people of Panchkhal Municipality but also to the people of neighboring municipality suffering from COVID. He has been providing medical packages and food packages to the people as mayor.

Talking about his childhood, he was born with an interesting story. He fought for his life when he was inside his mother’s womb when his mom had been hit by oxen and fell very badly in the ground. He used to meet his father in jail who always encouraged him to do better in his life. His father’s incidents stroke in his head so that it always drag him towards politics since childhood.

To be one of the stable and bold leader, he decided to make huge money before entering into the politics. He studied abroad and experienced business and entrepreneurship in his journey. After he thought that he is able to join politics by himself, then, he returned back to Nepal. Till now he has been progressing in politics by winning the heart of people becoming a good leader in society.

Important Insights:

Always analyze the root problems if you want to do something better.
Be career oriented and financial stable.
Be responsible for the work you do.
Always try best and never give up.
Use your skill and knowledge to share ideas to more people.
Respect and understand people.
Always focus the goal!
Shubhechchha Dallakoti (BBA Second Year), 2021



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