Insight: Managing and Innovating during Crisis with David Bauer

By Sakshyam Khatri, BBA Digital Marketing

“Let us never stop innovating and growing”, says our Program Coordinator for Insight Series, Sumira Shrestha. Students embraced insight on managing and innovating during the crisis from the Chief Operating Officer of MBSi-SaaS Vendor for Car Lenders, David Bauer. MBSi is the digital link between financial instructions and those who repossess the lender’s car.
David Bauer is an affluent entrepreneur who is highly empathetic towards his workforce. He shared his fortune by discussing how his shareholders provided MBSi an opportunity by agreeing with their new approach. During the pandemic, almost every employee was new to working from home; MBSi’s entire workforce tried Zoom and continued their work. The company’s team got anxious about how they were going to respond to the shareholders during the COVID19 regarding the sales decline.
Bauer followed the rule “weed, seed, and feed” which fueled the value concerning ’employees are the internal customers’. D. Bauer is an influential leader; he focuses on motivating employees. For instance, three of them were promoted this week in MBSi. MBSi followed the Software Development Cycle comprising of planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing, integration, and maintenance. After 20 weeks of persistently using this concept in the pandemic, the company possessed an 80% recovery in volume; MBSi’s staff said, “We’re back”, reinforcing the idea that operating a business is like a roller-coaster ride; one has to be physically and emotionally prepared for the lows and highs.
During the session, students of King’s College also got a lesson from David Bauer regarding the significance of interpersonal relationships. Whether it be with a customer or with a shareholder, the earlier one masters the art of building public relationships, the better it gets for one’s career. COVID19 was initially a challenge for D. Bauer and the team of MBSi, but he fueled a new aura of motivation in the students of King’s college by reminding them that any problem in a business could be alleviated by being persistent and innovative. A very insightful session indeed!


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