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I Do Not Understand What the Teacher has been Teaching

By Amrit Paudel (BBA Student)

As a student, have you ever been in that phase where you have commented or felt “I do not understand what the teacher has been teaching”? I believe we all have been in that phase where we have aligned our reason for being a failure to the particular teacher’s teaching method. This sort of scenario is mostly perceived when you are halfway through your course. Its where you stop recalling anything that you learned to till the present day. Its where the students (not everyone) tend to follow the regular pattern of just coming to college and then going home and then coming to college again, with almost no difference at all.
On the other hand, there are teachers who try to put effort into making the classroom happening (full of interaction and activities) but unfortunately, ending up not having it run in a smooth manner as there are students who come without any preparation from their side. The outcome of this trend is perceived as the teacher not being satisfied with the student’s performance and the students with the marks they have secured. To the students, it tends to be the moment where they may get discouraged and ended up being conclusive while stating the reason “Maybe it’s because I do not understand what the teacher has been teaching”.
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We might not remember what has been taught to us in every subject until now. However, we remember the moral values that we got from the activities that we do in the class as a part of the learning objectives. But sometimes classes are not compatible with activities and in this scenario, not doing the prior task, i.e. reading the books or related articles and videos available tend to be a setback. Most of the time, the class lectures tend to be informative and its where we students tend to lack behind for as we are hearing the information for the very first time. In this scenario, the only thing that we (students) could do is try to put the effort from our side in our education which we rarely do. It tends to restrict our curiosity as we (students) are already bored and the question which we could have asked when coming prepared as students is never asked and as a result, we end up being the lost-wanderers of our imagination despite being physically present in the class.
Thus, from the students’ perceptive, maybe there is a reason behind why we do not recall anything that we learned in a particular subject. But before being conclusive towards the teachers, first, let us reflect at our pattern as students and ask ourselves these few questions.

  • Have I done my part of work i.e. being prepared for the next day class? 
  • Have I done the extra research on the particular topic on broadening my understanding? 
  • Have I reflected on what I learned today? 
  • Have I ever tried to seek help from my colleague on the topic which I did not understand?
  • Have I ever tried to seek help from my teacher after the class?

For some students, certain subjects might appear as difficult to understand. But I firmly believe that no subject is difficult to understand by its nature. It is just our interest that shapes our learning mindset. For example, I have always hated Math but I simply don’t know why. Maybe it was always difficult to understand the concepts and pass the examination. I got 32 marks on the particular subject in my S.L.C and even hated Physics where there used to be lots of numerical. I even dropped Math as a subject twice during the course of my A-level. After dropping the subject for the first time, I rejoined the class after a month and eventually dropped the course again. I still feel dizzy and lost when I see the questions- especially the ones where one has to imagine and create the equation. Amazingly, in recent days, I have started loving the numerical problems associated with the science of investment, especially with respect to the stock market and the real estate investment.
This led me towards asking the questions to myself “Is the Math really a difficult subject?” to which my heart replied “No”. On looking back at the reason, why “No”, I realized that I never put in the effort from my side from a young age and the effect is still perceived in the present days. I did put effort but it wasn’t enough. I, however, used to put more efforts into the subjects that I liked. So, it was about committing myself to the subjects that I enjoyed most instead of committing to the subjects which I found difficult to comprehend.
It might take some time to identify the unique learning pattern (which exists for every subject and every individual). Not to forget the possibility of being optimistic about meeting the mentor or friends who can explain say, the numerical problems, to me in an as easy way as any learning app.
Interestingly, when it comes to topics related to Geo-politics and other theoretical subjects, I feel different essence of joy and end up being hooked at the videos on YouTube for extended hours. I still remember my friends’ state during the class of “International Relations” where they were lost just as I was during the Math class. Not to forget that my friends who used to enjoy Math felt dizzy when trying to understand the fundamental analysis of the stock market. This led me to realize that it’s a matter of our interest in those particular subjects and the number of hours we commit to it.
The subject that we study is not difficult to understand by its nature. The classroom which acts as a bridge that brings the teachers and students together sometimes becomes like the last place on earth to enter for students. This happens when your lecturer’s teaching methodology does not align with our learning patterns. However, this does not allow us to escape from the main question “Have I done my part of work?” before being conclusive on stating “I do not understand what the teacher has been teaching”.


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