How to Have Lots of Ideas: Session at Karkhana

Day 1
In their first trimester, the new enrollments in MBA witnessed the most unique program hosted by Sakar Pudasaini, Founder of Karkhana, a maker space and education company, based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The programme entitled ‘How to Have Lots of Ideas’ is planned across 4 sessions and was conducted with a group of 20 MBA students from King’s College.
Sakar as a teacher tries to create the conditions which lead his students to gain a perspective as well as the acquisition of right tools to mould their worlds with. The programme is yet another reinforcement of the ideas.
The first session was surprisingly interesting embraced with loads of fun-filled activities and key learning takeaways. It started with an introduction session with visual stimulus for better remembrance, followed by activities encouraging ideas generation and teamwork.
The focus was to instigate students to come up with creative ideas and at the same time respect other’s ideas too. Students learnt how to augment one’s idea with the other’s and work in a team generating a myriad of different ideas pooled in together. Students also made mind maps and worked on collating ideas innovatively.
The first day of this programme was way ahead of our expectations and most importantly – fun sandwiched between learning!
Day 2
Day 2 was mostly about storytelling. The curious participants from the past session were indulged into interesting ‘creating-stories’ sessions. The activities were quite absorbing: building one story from the given pool of categories; matching pictures with a description of stories; developing the stories that matched the scenario, etc. The students also learnt how to develop stories in seven lines using different associating factors.
Students surely had a good time learning how to develop stories. Storytelling is indeed an art which can work as a strong teaching-learning tool. It can only be mastered with practice. Day 2 of ‘How to Have Lots of Ideas’ was hence a phenomenal experience of story-telling and story-making!
The Closure
On the final two days, the students learnt more specific details about storytelling using different types of stories that were shared and also by breaking down every story into a ‘seven-line format’. It was quite an interesting approach aiding in planning for ‘real-time storytelling for a purpose’.
Last day was sort of a collation of all the learning from the previous days. It was mainly focused on yielding a logical output with session directed at the formation of ideas to retain tourists in Nepal. It was built on the given format of storytelling taught in the previous sessions.
Gladly, all the sessions were quite awe-inspiring and yielding. Overall, they helped a lot in learning the science of building ideas and the art of storytelling. Such sessions indeed render shape to one’s imagination and give wings to fly off the deck!
By Abhishek Nepal


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