Growing through Collaborations – Biruwa Advisors and King’s College

We are beyond elated to announce the signing of an agreement between Biruwa Advisors Pvt. Ltd and King’s College Pvt Ltd on June 7, 2021. The collaboration holds the motive of sharing both the network as well as technical expertise with a mutual desire to strengthen our relationship. As an organization, King’s College envisions to create a social impact through numerous teaching and research initiatives as well as make a contribution towards social innovation and entrepreneurship development. Moreover, Biruwa Advisors operates as an advisory company that aids business ventures with impactful business solutions and informed business decisions by utilizing entrepreneurial experiences, business expertise, and better networking. The agreement was formally signed between Sanam Chitrakar, partner at Biruwa Advisors and Narottam Aryal, president at King’s College seeking to identify the potential areas for the growth of parties without creating an exclusive working relationship between the parties.