Glimpses of The Etiquette Workshop 2019

As a part of progressive education and learning, our undergrad students were enrolled in a series of Professional Development Modules to help them develop their professional self right before graduation. One of the major highlights of the Professional Development Modules was The Etiquette Workshop. The workshop was conducted at Mid-Valley International College on December 29, 2019. It was facilitated by Mr Jeevan Adhikari- Program Coordinator and supported by the head chef and hospitality students at the college.
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The Etiquette Workshop was a two-hours’ intensive workshop bifurcated into theory and practical sessions where students learned the basics of dining in a professional setting while actually dining. The theoretical aspect of the session focused on the purpose of professional lunch/dinners, universally accepted table manners and dining styles, basic do’s and don’ts of using cutlery and glassware. The workshop offered a three-course meal comprising of starter: cream of mushroom soup and bread, main course: grilled chicken/paneer with mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables, dessert: nougatine pastry accompanied with tea and coffee. While the food was visually appealing and extremely delicious, students and faculty attending the workshop were more cautious about eating different foods in the right way.
It was quite difficult to move out of our comfort zones with food, cutlery and eating styles but the workshop was very insightful about the subtleties that we tend to overlook while dining. The entire experience of savouring the delicacies while learning to respect the food and the people around us was simply perfect!
Composed By: Sumira Shrestha


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