One bottle project

Funnovation at King’s Club – the One Bottle Project

by Kajina Shrestha & Sambriddhi Singh Maharjan

The best things about working with a young team is that no idea is the final the final idea and there will always be room to improvise. I believe we all must have had this feeling – “an idea pops up and suddenly it feels like it is the best idea one could ever get” and then everyone gets filled with sudden adrenaline rush and acts as if they have almost cracked the code to global recognition. Interestingly, the team went through several such moments and marched into the event for World Environment Day 2019.
Does it not sound amazing that you get to see a huge fish filled with plastic bottles placed right beside the river? Most of us do not casually browse the internet for environmental issues. It was during one of our discourses that begin around marking the World Environment Day, we came up with the concept of placing the fish next to the river and an art installation to provoke thought and spark discourse on a wide range of topics. 
Miss Shristi Gurung first gave us the idea and showed us a picture of a similar idea that had already been done. Then, someone added the idea that the fish could be placed right into the river. Another added that everyone from King’s would place one plastic bottle into the fish. The running name for the project then became the “one bottle project”.
When we actually started turning the idea into reality hit us hard. While first prototyping, it felt simpler but the second one looked like a boat, an airplane, metal sack, and whatnot? It was such a roller coaster ride for all and finally it’s there by the river side filled with plastic bottles. There are more ideas coming up around the fish and in connecting to the environmental message as a whole. This set up shall continue to evolve with new ideas and newer enthusiasts.   

Then, reality hit us hard. While first prototyping, it felt simpler but the second one looked like a boat, an airplane, metal sack, and whatnot?

At King’s Club we always say “we might copy but our’s shall be colorful to the black & white source”. For a project like this, it’s more important to strengthen one’s team, have cheerful memories to rejoice along with great sense of accomplishment simultaneously. We love it when we can actually live the idea of Funnovation.
These days, every time we pass by the installation, it gives us a great sense of accomplishment with purpose and helped the club to create stronger team among themselves. This was also one milestone that encouraged each one to attempt bigger hereafter.


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