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Little Big Boot Camp for Nonprofit Leaders

Little Big Boot Camp is a 6-week long boot camp for leaders of small and medium-size nonprofit organizations of Nepal. Promoting a discourse of design thinking, entrepreneurial mindset, innovative fundraising, and effective grant writing, the boot camp aims to empower nonprofit leaders with skills related to project design and resource development.

Kenya Impact Week Initiative

KENYAVSCOVID19: 2nd Addition to the Virtual Design Thinking Challenge

Reflected by Coaches; Compiled by Suyasha Singh (Corporate Communication Officer, King’s College) After the successful execution of #NEPALVSCOVID19, the first-ever virtual design thinking challenge in the world, right after a week, the coaches and team from King’s College, Nepal joined hands with other international coaches and design thinking experts from Impact Week, for the second…

#NEPALVSCOVID19 – The First Ever Virtual Design Thinking Challenge

By Suyasha Singh, Organizing Team Member, #NEPALVSCOVID19; Corporate Communication Officer/Faculty, King’s College Kathmandu, Nepal – April 21, 2020 Almost 100 volunteers around the world assembled virtually over the weekend to come up with solutions to the challenges arising in Nepal due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. In just 60 hours, spread out over three days,…

King’s College Hosts First Impact Week in Nepal with Lufthansa, Germany

Kathmandu, Nepal – November 12, 2019   An entrepreneurship and innovation-focused non-profit program called “Impact Week” was conducted for the first time in Nepal, hosted by King’s College, Kathmandu in collaboration with Germany’s Lufthansa Group Airlines. Alongside the support of Lufthansa’s social arm – help alliance – and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany…