Our faculty consists of young, progressive, energetic, and passionate educators.

Full Time Faculty

Full-time Faculty Members

Kaushal Sapkota King's College
Designer/Director of the MBA Nonprofit Program
Assistant Professor/Team Leader - Centre for Social Sciences
Lead, Growth and Innovation Studies
Co-Founder, My Emotions Matter
Assistant Professor, King's College; Co-founder, My Emotions Matter
Asst. Manager- Admissions & Outreach
Faculty, Head, Student Development
Associate Director - Operations
Lab Master, DoLAB
Faculty, Researcher, CERAD
Suyasha Singh Photo
Corporate Communication Officer/Faculty
Image of Swechhya Rajbhandari
Demola Project Co-ordinator/Faculty
Image of Sumira Shrestha
Asst. Professor/Head, Student Affairs
Udgum Khadka
Educational Designer/ Faculty
Sushant Rijal
Program Officer, King's Incubator
sujan dangal
Faculty, Researcher, CERAD
Anuj Tiwari, PhD
Senior Researcher/Faculty
Bikram Prajapati
Head, Academic Department
Assistant Professor & Right Brain, Empowerment Academy
Kshitiz Gautam
Head, IT and Assistant Professor
upasna acharya bio
Assistant Professor, Deputy Coordinator, CERAD
Photo of Prateek Raj Neupane
Assistant Professor, Lab Master - DO Lab
Assistant Librarian
krishna khanal
Assistant Professor, Marketing and Business Ethics. New Program Development, Head