Research & Design

by DoLAB

Empathize – Define – Ideate – Prototype – Test

How often do you find yourself pulling a push door and pushing a pull door? Bad design is all around us in the everyday tools and devices as well as the services we use. 

Research & Design is an intense 2 month program that will take you through the process of human centered design so that you create products and services that better solve human issues in human ways.

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Program structure

Week 1: 3 day crash course on design

Week 2: Team formation, goal setting and initial user research

Week 3: Synthesis of research, further research and challenge definition

Week 4: Problem pitch, feedback and coaching sessions

Week 5: Ideation and choosing solution paths

Week 6: Prototyping and initial testing

Week 7 & 8: Concept finalization, final pitch and feedback

Program Outcomes

On successful completion of this program you will…

1. Grow as a professional:

A. Learn a human centered approach to innovation. 
B. Develop self-directed working abilities.
C. Develop collaboration, communication, creative and critical thinking skills

2. Develop a human centered product/service concept

3. Be eligible to take your ideas further through the Innovation Kitchen ecosystem at King’s College to turn them into sustainable businesses.




Workshops – including system and design thinking sessions.

User Research –understanding your users and their needs.

Self-directed work –working with your team and as an individual beyond session hours.

Personal development –goal setting as well as feedback and reflection on your own goals and effort.

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