DoLAB was born at King’s College in 2018 as an innovative learning model where interdisciplinary groups of students and professionals come up with innovative and validated solution by digging into problems found in their community. The LAB is based on the Lab Studio Model, designed in Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK), Finland. And it is run by the Lab Masters in Nepal who have been trained at DevLab at OAMK, Finland.

Do Lab (4 month)

The four-month program at DoLAB starts with problems identified in the communities and the market, and ends with products ready to go to the market. Participants will work on creating validated concepts to address problems and create, validate and demonstrate prototypes.

Do Camp (3-5 day)

Do camps are 3 – 5 days intensive Design Thinking Challenge for students and professionals. We encourage a multidisciplinary participation and self directed learning.

Do Shop (Custom)

The Lab Masters from DoLAB have been working with the LABs model of learning and design thinking since 2018. The Lab Masters along with the coaches at DoLAB are diverse in their fields of work and would love to share their expertise with you at your educational institution and organization.

At DoLAB, we believe in learning through experiences, mistakes, reflections and feedback. You will learn new competences by developing, supporting, and creating businesses and innovative solutions. On the other hand, your own reflections into the experiences and the feedback from the infamous Feedback Circle validate and support your growth as a learner.

The program builds on the foundation of design thinking, lean canvas, and other immersive tools which helps the participants become more creative, collaborative, better critical thinkers, and effective communicators.

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The Squad

Photo of Prateek Raj Neupane

Teaches leadership

Likes his coffee as strong as his music

Jams on death metal

Prateek Raj Neupane

Lab Master

Lives inside his headphones

Asks a lot of questions

Thinks, lives, breathes design

Raunak Chaudhari

(Almost) Lab Master


The “Perfectionist”

Loves dogs

Smriti Karanjit Manandhar


Mahesh Dahal

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Is a Rebel

Is a Feminist

Is a cat

Swechhya Rajbhandary