We make education self-directed, reflective and engaging for our students and participants. We want to create entrepreneurial citizens by continuously innovating and updating our course. Our method is based on the Lab Studio Model, designed in Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

DoLAB (4 month)

4 months of intense work and learning to create human centered solutions for problems in the community

Do Camp (3-5 day)

3 to 5 days workshop to learn the process of design thinking and human centered design

Do Shop (Custom)

We would love to meet your organization and design workshops or sessions that are customized to your needs and more meaningful for you

At DoLAB, we believe in learning through experiences, mistakes, reflections and feedback. You will learn new competences by developing, supporting, and creating businesses and innovative solutions. On the other hand, your own reflections into the experiences and the feedback from the infamous Feedback Circle validate and support your growth as a learner.

The program builds on the foundation of design thinking, lean canvas, and other immersive tools which helps the participants become more creative, collaborative, better critical thinkers, and effective communicators.

The Squad

Upcoming workshops

Do Camp for Agripreneurs

We are back with another Do Camp this February.

We have agriculture related challenges for teams of industry professionals (working in agriculture) and students (MBA and BBA). You can still apply if you are someone who is interested in entrepreneurial mindset and innovation. We would love to have participants from a diverse background.

Further details:
When – 17,18,19 February, 2020; 9:00 – 17:00 each day
Where – DoLAB @ King’s College (6th Floor)

If you have any questions, mail us at [email protected]

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