Do Camp for Agripreneurs Day 1 – An Observation

By Sanjivani Shrestha (Student – BBA)

When I first heard the term ‘Design Thinking’ the first thing that triggered my mind was problem solving. But at the end of the day, I realized it was a lot more than that.
Day 1 of the workshop had participants from different age groups and backgrounds, some were students of BBA and MBA who were interested or in agriculture and the majority were working professionals. The lab master Prateek Raj Neupane had different exciting and innovative activities planned for the participants which connected them. He started the session by sharing his personal examples which made participants feel more empathized. During his 90 min session I couldn’t find any participants looking at their phone or being bored which is a great achievement. Something that really grabbed my attention that he said was ‘design is notonly about beauty but function’.
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Our faculty member Udgum Khadka presentation was powerful and to the point. He critically explained and related his topic with some personal example about his childhood toy ‘sanumaya’, the toy featured different head once you take out the cover  the main concept of that toy was we need to dig deeper to find the actual problem. The video he showed ‘kicking it wrong’ main approach was another person can see a problem in a different way to solve the same problem we have. his idea of pointing out the subject  These pretty much summed up his presentation. Contradictorily social media personnel of Do Lab Abhishek Nepal was keeping an update with his photography skills on the Facebook page. 
Overall it was a very productive day. Coaches were really interactive with the participants. The slides were the star of the show thanks to lab master Raunak Chaudhari. We ended the day by getting feedback from the participants using a thermometer figure which was very effective. Meanwhile, after the workshop was over all the coaches and lab master had a reflection on the feedbacks given by the participants to anticipate the problems and crack the solutions.
Today was the first day of workshop and I cannot wait to see what they have got to offer more in upcoming days.
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