Demola is an international innovation challenge platform, which works to bridge the long-existing gap between companies and university students. Demola Global, established in Tampere, Finland, brings a team of multidisciplinary university students and company’s experts to work together and co-create a solution for an innovation challenge set by the company.

On June 2019, King’s College joined Demola Alliance amongst 16 countries, as an exclusive partner to operate Demola program in Nepal. Demola brings together more than 50 universities, involving 7,50,000 students and leading companies from all over the world. 

How does Demola Work?

  • Get, Set, Challenge

    The partner company sets a challenge in the form of a question. The nature of the challenge question ranges from any theme, phenomena, technology or possibility that the company is keen on exploring, such that it opens new possibilities and gives direction to their current business.

  • Team Formation

    For each specific challenge set by the company, a team of 4-5 highly motivated students from diverse backgrounds are carefully selected. A complete team is formed with the selected students, company’s experts and a Demola facilitator, who will work together to co-create a solution.

  • Co-creation Process

    For 8 weeks, the team works through a globally verified process, with a simple structure and expert facilitation service, to co-create an innovative solution. This agile process combines design thinking, scenario approach and demo-building.

  • Outcomes

    A solution is generated towards the end of 8-weeks, which the company will use to generate new product development and gain insight about the future development of the company. There is also a provision of global IPR and agreement management.

Why Demola?

With the increasing complexity of the global ecosystem, an innovative and futuristic approach seem inevitable to prepare ourselves in advance. Demola serves as a strong means to bring university students, university and companies together to co-create solutions for unprecedented futuristic challenges. The wide networks of the Demola alliance make it unique worldwide as it provides a platform to learn and engage in the ecosystem.

Demola for Students

  • Students get exposure and opportunity to solve the real challenges of the company
  • Students gain relevant work experience while studying for their university degree
  • Students are granted globally-valued Demola certificates and there is no student-specific fee.

Demola for Companies

  • Get access to diverse talent and potential in the form of young millennials
  • Get innovative and new generation approach to get their problems solved
  • Invest in employees and challenge them to consistently experiment by collaborating with young university students
  • Helps companies comprehend how the future will affect their venture and how the young generation can bring in new insight to their business development