Learning is most effective when it is made relevant to the world around the student. Community Service Learning Program – CSLP is an initiative of King’s College that draws its inspiration from the philosophy of  ‘Community as Curriculum – CAC’. The CAC philosophy is based on the idea that learning best happens when students are connected to the social realities outside of the classroom walls.

With CSLP, Students Will:

Engage meaningfully in the community, build empathetic connection and civic responsibility.

Critically analyze a wide range of aspects in the community and explore possible solutions.

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Conceptualize business model solutions for communities.

How CSLP Works

The Community Service Learning Program works by placing the community at the center and induces learning through student initiation and involvement in a wide range of collaborations with the community.


  • BBA- 100 Hours
  • MBA- 60 Hours

Program Phases

Phase 1

Students identify the communities they will work in and the issues they want to work on. After approval of the issues they plan to work on, students will write a blog on the community and issues.

Phase 2

Students further build relations with the communities and work on understanding them better. They define the problem they will work on, and design and execute solutions – both of which will be validated in the communities. This synthesizes on a reflective blog along with pictures or videos.

Phase 3

Students fill a ‘Community Service Log’ upon completion of the project and have it verified by the college and community partners. For certification of the completion of the program, students prepare a report and a presentation for the community partners and the college during a Service Learning Symposium.

Reflections and Blogs on CSLP