Faculty Team

Data Science

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Alok Khatri


Alok is the lead of Technical Education at King’s College. He is passionate about tech and health education and has multiple professional offerings.

He has industry experience in data science, blockchain, and not-for-profit. He has traveled and worked across more than 30 countries. He is also Nepal’s first Ironman. Ironman is one of the world’s toughest endurance races, including a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike, and 41 km run, performed on the same day.

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Kanchan Poudel


Kanchan is an aspiring Machine Learning researcher who enjoys computational problem-solving to create some positive impact in the world.

She is passionate about using data to help computers solve problems that impact technology and people’s lives. While pursuing her undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from Pulchowk Campus, she was involved in various projects and events and started developing a keen interest in A. Her interest is primarily speech, computer vision, and vision language models. At NAAMII, she has been working to build an AI-assisted tool for cervical cancer screening in low-resource settings.


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Ashween Lama


Ashween Lama is a sociologist and a learning enthusiast, He received his Masters in Applied Sociology from Christ University, Bangalore in 2017.

He and has been working in the Education industry since 2018. He has been working as Faculty at King’s College since 2020 and is currently working as the Project and Partnership Manager at the Center For Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

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Smriti Karanjit


Involved in the academia for more than 13 years as an educator,  Smriti Karanjit is Assistant Professor at King’s College who Heads the Student Development Centre. 

She works closely with students to provide them appropriate support which might include academic, professional, engagements or any other kinds of support within the King’s system.  She is also leading Community Service Learning Program (CSLP) which requires students to work in the community for certain hours. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human and Natural Resources Studies from Kathmandu University and another Master’s in Social Work from Indira Gandhi National Open University. She has always been passionate as an educator and is always keen to work to make education in Nepal better.


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Sujit Pandey


Sujit Pandey is an educator, researcher and consultant with interests primarily in entrepreneurship, firm competitiveness and human capital. 

He completed his PhD from the NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Norway where he studied the relationship between human capital and entrepreneurship. He currently teaches graduate courses on strategic management and entrepreneurship at King’s College and The British College. Over the past seven years, Mr. Pandey has studied various facets of entrepreneurship ranging from how a recessionary business environment affects the entry and performance of new firms to the resources that give firms a competitive advantage. He has also led research projects in Nepal that explored the various aspects of entrepreneurship. His work has informed policy making at federal as well as local levels. Mr. Pandey has previously also worked in the financial sector, where he managed a credit portfolio composed primarily of small and medium enterprises.

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Prina Bajracharya


Prina Bajracharya started off her career as a Computer Engineer and ended up being a Human Centric Designer.

Prina is passionate about understanding people, and their needs (why they do what they do?), and believes that a good design can make a difference in creating meaningful experiences. Her work is motivated by a deep belief in design as a medium for problem solving, understanding and establishing relationships between ideas and reality, and strengthening the interactions between people and the product they use.

Core Team

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Narottam Aryal

I am a passionate educator working to bring together community, education and entrepreneurship.

I strongly believe that real learning happens when a learner gets out of the building, plays with a real problem, reflects the learning , discusses it with the peer learners and applies the learning into practice.

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Amigo Khadka

Amigo’s interest lies in entrepreneurship and education.

He started off his career as an investment banker in Wall Street and then returned to Nepal to co-found Upaya, a logistics tech startup. He is also involved at King’s College Nepal to help redesign the higher-ed space in Nepal. He recently graduated from London School of Economics & Political Science with a master’s in Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

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Udgum Khadka

Udgum khadka is the Head of International Collaboration and Innovations at King’s College.

He also teaches Marketing and Entrepreneurship related courses to MBA and BBA students. He completed his Masters degree from University of Oulu, Finland. Udgum was a facilitator at Demola and a Community Coordinator at Tellus Innovation Arena, Finland.

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Bhawana Shrestha

Bhawana is an Echidna Global Scholar 2022 of Brookings Institution. She is also a Ph.D. scholar of Educational Leadership at Kathmandu University.

She is the founder of the organization ‘My Emotions Matter’ that works on fostering Emotional Intelligence in Nepal. As an Assistant Professor at King’s College, she leads the department Office of Safe and Respectable Learning (OSRL) to ensure safety, equity, and inclusion in the campus climate. Her major fields of study are emotional intelligence, educational leadership, gender, educational equity, and critical self-reflection. She was also selected as a “Living Through Lived Experience” fellow for Teach for All in 2019. For her work in the field of education and literacy, she was awarded the 30 Under 30 literacy leader award by International Literacy Association Newark in 2015.  

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Bikram Prajapati

Bikram is an Electronics and Communications Engineer with an experience of more than 10 years in the academic field; 5 years in an academic leadership position.

He has 10 years of experience in teaching students; enjoys working in an environment that provides an opportunity to contribute to his technical skills and academic knowledge to achieve the organization’s goals and professional growth. He currently holds the positions of university coordinator and Vice-Principal at King’s College, where he oversees all communications with the university, develops educational processes, policies, and quality standards, has experience in developing academic curricula, and coordinates with other departments for assessing and maintaining academic standards.

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Luna Mahat

I am Luna Mahat. I have been working at King’s College as Business Development Officer (BDO) since 2018.

As a BDO, I am responsible for identifying and pursuing opportunities for the growth and expansion of the college and increasing revenue, improving student enrollment, and enhancing the college’s reputation. I completed my MBA from Pokhara University.

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Raunak Chaudhari

Raunak juggles multiple roles at King’s College. He is the Lab Master at DoLAB – where he co-leads designs programs, courses and workshops around design thinking.

He also designs and implements improvement projects at the college along with leading the Brand & Communications department at King’s. He completed his MBA Entrepreneurship from King’s and has been trained under the Lab Studio Model of learning by Lab Masters from Oamk LABs (Oulu University of Applied Sciences), Finland over three years. He works on designing Project Based Learning programs based on his learnings.

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Prashanna Thapa

I am Prashanna Thapa, your regular BBA student and an admission intern at King’s.

Contrary to what you’d expect from a BBA student, you will often find me working and engaging in conversations around social justice, equality, and gender, at OSRL. Your local humanities nerd, I’m passionate about debating and educating. For Communiversity Summer Program, you will see me running/ calling and chatting up with students from all around Kathmandu, I’ll be your resident big sister, come to me if you have any queries, without judgment.

Panchkhal Community Committee

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Nabaraj Thapa

Chairperson, Kafledy Agri Private Limited
Kafledi, Panchkhal
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Pratap Singh Limbu

Manager, FarmGro
Baskote, Panchkhal
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Nabin Prakash Niraula

Senior Vice President
Panchkhal Chamber of Commerce
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Bidhya Laxmi Deuja

Principal, Golmadevi Basic School
Lamidanda, Panchkhal
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Keshab Prasad Kafle

Chief, Sarba Mangala Multiple Campus
Aglekot, Panchkhal
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Saraswati Chimariya

Teacher, Jorpati Secondary School
Tinpiple, Panchkhal
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