Communiversity Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer program is envisioned as an alternate approach to higher education in Nepal inspired by the idea that our community’s knowledge, insights, wisdom, etc, should be brought into the curriculum while the curriculum’s learnings should be applied in the community.

Anyone and everyone who has recently graduated high school or is on the verge of graduating between the age of 17- 21 can join us.

We have very limited seats, so grab onto your chances. There are only 30 seats available.

The summer program will cost you NPR 37, 500 per month, including food and accommodation.

The summer program will start on June 19 and end on August 18, 2023.

The facilitators team is a mix of experts in the domain, both local and international. We have i) six members in the faculty team to facilitate the three courses; ii) dedicated Do-Lab experts on design thinking to run the project; iii) a team of industry experts to guide you; iv) and a community committee to look after you.

Our approach to teaching and learning is what differentiates us. We focus our curriculum on project-based learning and community immersion that gives you a proper hands-on learning experience. Instead of being examined by a paper, exam etc., participants are examined based on your understanding of the course content and being able to apply it to solve real community problems under the guidance of domain experts.

The credits you gain through the summer program are accepted for your bachelor’s degree with King’s College and the Kajjani University of Applied Science, Finland. You also get a certificate endorsed by the biggest industry partners out there and a high chance of getting an internship with our industry partners. 

You get the best of both worlds without courses conducted by top-notch Nepali and Foreign academicians and industry experts.

Please fill this Application Form, then we will review the application and call for interviews. Then we will conduct a formal meeting with you and your guardians, and finalize the registration process.

Admission application starts from April 1st, 2023 (nope, not April Fool!) and ends on April 30th, 2023.

You need to have given or in the process of giving your final examination for A-Levels, +2, CBSE, IB or equivalent. This program is primarily targeted for those students in the final year of high school and are planning to graduate.

Deep Jyoti Family Resort – Students will be staying in this resort for the two months. Clean rooms and healthy food will be provided during the stay. The property is very safe and has a lush green environment with all basic amenities for a proper stay. To-and-Fro transportation service will be provided.
We have worked and are constantly working to make sure the program is safe and well-planned for you. Please refer to our Safety Protocols for more information on this.
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