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The program will be stationed at Panchkhal Municipality (45 km away from Kathmandu). King’s College has been working very closely with the municipality for the last three years and have developed strong relationships with the community stakeholders. Hence, the municipality has been chosen because of ease of access, good network, and after safety considerations. The students will primarily be stationed at two venues:

Students will be staying in this resort for the two months. Clean rooms and healthy food will be provided during the stay. The property is very safe and has a lush green environment with all basic amenities for a proper stay.

All classes will be conducted in this campus. Two classrooms have been designated for the summer program classes. Classroom will be equipped with basic facilities for smooth running of classes.

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Safety Considerations

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  • At least three faculty from King’s College will be stationed at the premises at all times to look after the students
  • Each participating students will be assigned a mentor for proper guidance and counseling throughout the program. 
  • Community response team: committee of the community members formed to provide immediate response and resolution to any programs. The Mayor’s office has also supported the program and has assured assistance of any kind.
  • Careful selection of students who are able to add value to the program and to contribute to a positive learning environment. 
  • Rigorous induction and onboarding program to acclimatize students into community living and briefing of safeguarding rules
  • Program Safety Protocol doc currently being prepared to serve as a guidance for all participants
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