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CERAD is the research wing at King’s College that undertakes research, develops academic case studies, conducts research training, and other research-related activities within and beyond King’s College. It is a faculty and student-led collaboration that aims to “establish King’s College as a research institution of global repute.”







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What we offer

CERAD currently works towards supporting student and faculty research, engaging in consulting projects (pro-bono and paid), organizing conferences and workshops, publishing articles, cases, essays, and policy briefs in various platforms including King’s College’s journal and supporting other centers in their research. 

Our team

Chittaranjan Pandey

Assistant Professor/Head – Center for Research and Development

Sujan Dangal

Faculty / Researcher – CERAD/ Member, OSRL

Dr. Anuj Tiwari

Senior Researcher / Faculty

Upasna Acharya

Assistant Professor; Deputy Coordinator – CERAD

Past projects

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Writing policy briefs

What are policy briefs? Think of the policy makers, how do we inform them ?

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