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The Center for Professional Development at King’s College works on designing student-centered programs to help students develop market relevant skills and competencies. The center functions as a liaison between organizations and students, in terms of career opportunities or collaborative engagements. The center works as a support system for students to develop their professional self through specialized modular courses, networking opportunities, industry experience and related programs that complement academic learning.







Insight Series: Mayor Mahesh Kharel – Managing and innovating during crises

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What we offer

Insight Stories of Doers Series

Guest Speaker series designed for our students to listen to and connect with some of the outstanding people in our community share their journey, failures, perseverance, success and roles.

Undergraduate Professional Modules

The center helps in preparing students for their internships, careers and development of professional self through modules throughout the 4 years at King’s College. During the first two years, students are offered basic modules. During the senior year, students are required to complete modules specific to their specializations.  In the final semesters, students are enrolled in Professional Development Modules which help them prepare for their careers or further studies as soon as they graduate from King’s College. 

Industry Experience

As a part of industry experience, students complete at least sixteen weeks of internship or work experience in the organization(s) of their choice. On completion of their work experience, students prepare a report and make a presentation reflecting their learning. Students also receive counseling or mentoring (if required) while working with organizations.

Other Programs

The Center for Professional Development liaises with organizations for opportunities like job openings, internships, volunteering in events, participating in events and other development opportunities that are instrumental to holistic development of students at King’s College.

Our team

Shubhechchha Dallakoti

Program Assistant

Sumira Shrestha

Assistant Professor / Career Mentor- Center for Professional Development

Past projects

The Etiquette Workshop

The Etiquette Workshop

Our BBA final year students had fun while learning the basics of dining in a professional setting at Mid-Valley International College.


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Pujan’s reflection after visiting Europe

As said, “When in Europe, do as the Europeans do”, the bread and sugar filled one week in Toulouse would have been incomplete without the family away form our family. Travelling to places, getting tanned in beaches so that when you return back home no one recognizes you, the beautiful gift exchange, even beautiful exchange of liquors – French wine to Khukuri Rum and Khukhuri Rum to French wine, and the beautiful moment when each of us cooked something for each of our families. The time spent in Toulouse went by a snap fading away not half buy all the tiredness from the flight and the anxiety to be in a new place.