Bringing the best of Finnish higher education to Nepal

We are delighted to announce the collaboration between Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) and King’s College with the purpose of connecting best global education practices with the local realities of Nepal. The collaboration intends to introduce Finnish academic excellence, innovative practices, pedagogical innovations and technological advancement to the students of Nepal. The agreement was formally signed by Matti Sarén, President of KAMK and Narottam Aryal, President of King’s College, Nepal with a promise to work together persistently in days ahead to contribute to the Higher Education space of Nepal and Finland. 

KAMK is a proactive, genuinely international university in central Finland with a very strong reputation regionally and nationally. It is a vibrant international learning and development community, consisting of approximately 3200 students and 250 experts. According to funding indicators for the year 2018, KAMK was the most successful university of applied sciences in Finland of its size.

“I am very happy for this joint will to building mutual interesting collaboration between King’s College and KAMK. Our strength is building the best academic family to learn and to grow to be expert, utilize latest ideas and technology and build your own future. I am looking forward to this opportunity to work together, learn from each other and building sustainable societies with our students.”

– Matti Sarén, President, KAMK

“We are really excited about this collaboration. Many of us in Nepal has always been fascinated by the bold innovations and developments Finland has done especially in the field of Teacher Preparation and Development, and Pedagogical Innovation. We have been trying to promote and practice a natural way of learning through which the learners learn by doing real things in the real world. We believe that this collaboration with KAMK would benefit us in understanding that process better and in promoting the holistic approach of teaching and learning to facilitate an individual’s and the community’s growth.”

– Narottam Aryal, President, King’s College

King’s College envisions transforming society by promoting entrepreneurial spirit through progressive education in Nepal while KAMK caters to a vibrant international learning and development community and has been a firm believer of internationalization as a crucial tool for regional development. The collaboration between these institutions will initially lead to the following joint-projects:

  1. Joint research and publications including engagement in research activities as well as publications of scientific and educational material.
  2. Student and faculty exchange programs.
  3. Teacher development programs. 
  4. Organizing joint courses as well as other learning programs. This project is accompanied by other education and learning programs including training, further education and distance learning.

Having said that, the spirit of collaboration would not be limited to the activities listed above and will also bring these institutions together to build a robust educator’s community in Nepal and Finland. 

The beginning of this collaboration is marked by offering an online course on Basics of Game Development designed and developed by KAMK’s experts in gaming technology to the BSIT students of King’s College.



Learn more about the BSIT programs at King’s College here.

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