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Podcast: An interdisciplinary world with Bibhusan dai and Narottam dai

At King’s, we’ve never called ourselves strictly a “business college”. Instead, our focus has always been in a more inter-disciplinary approach – an approach where we value the perspectives and inputs of diverse individuals in the learning environment. We believe that the learning environment only becomes richer when people, skills, knowledge and perspectives from diverse backgrounds come together. And now with the launch of the BSIT course, we’re continuing to create co-learning environments where different disciplines can come together.

In this podcast, we talk with Narottam Dai (President, King’s College) and Bibhusan dai (CEO – Young Innovations) about their take on the interdisciplinary education and working environments – specifically in the world of technology.

Learn more about our BSIT program here.

and our MBA Tech & Innovation program here.


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