Do Camp for Agripreneurs Day 2 – An Observation

This is part 2 of a two-part blog by Sanjivani Shreshta (BBA Student at King’s)

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We picked up exactly where we left, bang on time! 
Participants continued by working on their team canvas. But before that, we started with a reflection on day 1. For me, the major takeaway from the previous day was thinking deeper into the actual problem and figuring out the options with a more human centric approach, and with that mindset we started this session.    
Working on the synthesis canvas seemed like it wasn’t an easy task as the participants had to bring together the observations of the entire team together and make them more “concrete”. But with the help of lab masters and coaches, the process was a lot smoother. “We need to have a concrete idea about what specific area we want to focus on” – with that goal coach Shailendra gave his presentation on creating ‘how might we…’ statements.
Moving on, we had an interesting activity called ‘2 min problem pitch’. The participants had to present their understanding of the “problem” in 2 min, followed by the feedback of coaches and other participants. One of the interesting segments of this workshop was that participants weren’t allowed to reply to the comments received.
Analysing a situation and thinking in different perspectives has been a clear motive of this workshop and the creative hats session brought a clear picture to the idea. In this session, participants had to think how they would respond to a problem from various perspectives like that of a 5-year-old kid, a God, the Devil and a Poor person. Samip Dhungel – the man with a sense of humor and even better coach, prepared participants for upcoming crucial activity and gave meaningful insights on prototype. You’re supposed to build, measure and learn from a prototype.
There is no right or wrong way this is what I’m going to take away from the Day 2 workshop. 


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