Shisir Khanal receiving token of appreciation

2018, December Series: Insight Concludes Successfully

Reported by Pujan Siwakoti

“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action”

Mr. Shisir Khanal, our Guest of honor for today’s Insight session truly lives the adage.
Insight: Stories of Doers is a monthly initiative designed by the college to provide a platform for the students and faculty to get a glimpse inside the professional world with a viewpoint of the experts.
For the 2018 December series, we had with us Mr. Shisir Khanal C.E.O. and co-founder of one of the prestigious fellowship organizations, Teach for Nepal (TFN). Mr. Khanal is also a recipient of the 2012 University of Wisconsin Alumni Association’s Forty under 40 Award. During the session, he shared his varied insightful experiences.
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Highlights of the session:

  • He mentioned that how with a little bit of effort, caring, guidance and passion, one can not only change a life but also communities and nations as a whole. He connected this to an incident in a village which was not resourceful in terms of a good school teacher. The entire community had stood up against a “so-called Don” when the work of a TFN fellow was questioned.
  • He also made us realize of the harsh realities prevalent in our nation and how privileged are we than most of the population in the country. Such that how our youths are compelled to work under hazardous circumstances due to the absence of quality education and opportunities in our country.
  • The difference in the quality of education one receives also plays a pivotal role in shaping his/her career. Mr. Khanal shared that he had the privilege to study in a reputed school, which helped him to pursue his further studies in the United States of America while his cousins who studied in a public school in a village had to settle for less. He also shared about how the struggles our citizens are facing in Gulf countries, is the result of the poor education system the country, to a large extent.
  • Mr. Khanal also shared that with the help of TFN fellowship programs, many underprivileged girls were provided with an opportunity to secure a good position in very prestigious colleges and high schools of the world.

The almost hour and a half session was very interactive and ended with a thrill with bursting questions and queries answered. Our Executive Director and Principal, Mr. Narottam Aryal presented the guest speaker with a token of appreciation


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