Entrepreneurship Conference

16th Entreprenuership Conference to be Held from 14th to 16th September

King’s College partners with International Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF) to organize 16th Entrepreneurship Conference. The conference will commence from 14th September until 16th September of 2017 at Hotel Radisson, Lazimpat, Kathmandu.
The main theme of this year’s conference is ”Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Economic Development”. The objective of organizing this big event is to question the pre-conceived knowledge on subjects of Entrepreneurship, Economic Development, and Sustainability.
In the conference, academic researchers, policy makers, and practitioners from around the world will be meeting to discuss about discourse and good development practices. The participants will be collaborating to bring solutions in resolving issues related to human development, environmental change, organizational flux, and institutional sclerosis.
Participants will engage in plenary and panel discussions on main and sub-themes of the conference.  Followed by the discussions are social interactions, presentations, additional discussion on academic research, policy-driven, and practitioners-oriented papers. Participants with best papers will be awarded under categories of scholarship and research rigor, and creativity, insight, and robust ideas. Key note speakers and partners, both national and international, are partnering together to make this conference a huge success.
Also working rigorously for this success is Center for Research and Development (CERAD). The research team at King’s which constitutes of faculty members and students are tying their laces together to make this conference grand and eventful. One of the team members, Shiv Kandel, requests King’s students to contribute to the conference by volunteering and by promoting this event.


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Established in 2009, King’s College promotes entrepreneurial spirit through progressive education. Our vision is to transform the society through entrepreneurship.