को-Create Nepal: Connecting Nepali Student Diaspora with Nepali Companies

On June 6th 2022, King’s College launched its Co-Create Nepal program at Yala Maya Kendra, Patan Dhoka with 10 Nepali students/graduates and 4 change-seeking Nepali companies with the intent of fostering a meaningful collaboration between academia and industry. The participants will undergo an 8-week design process to work closely on a challenge given by the company. Basera Boutique hotel, F1Soft, Laxmi Hyundai and Sajilo Sewa are 4 companies who have come on-board Co-Create Nepal as challenge partners.

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In Co-Create Nepal, two students/graduates, one from Nepal and one from a university abroad partner as mit/mitini to create synergy in their learning and exploring process. Out of 10 participants, 5 are MBA & BBA students from King’s College and 5 students/graduates who have studied abroad from Beihang University, China, LimKokWing University Malaysia, Monash University Australia, Oberlin College, USA and University of Oulu Finland. The platform also intends to help Nepali students studying abroad, who have an itch to return back to Nepal, but are apprehensive about the risk of starting from scratch and lacking proper network and knowledge of the Nepali industry.

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The challenges provided by the company are explorative in nature where students will first understand the context and phenomena of the challenge, synthesize their findings, reframe the problem then move towards the solution phase of ideating, prototyping and iterating the solution to the given challenge. Topics such as exploring the phenomena of electric vehicles in Nepal, developing credit scoring systems, incorporating blockchain technologies in the company, improving customer satisfaction and  rebranding the company are examples of challenges given by the company.

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Throughout the process students will be closely working with the company representative along with facilitators who will provide necessary tools and guidance in the process. Moreover, sessions are also designed to engage students with experts from the industry through key-note sessions on the different aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation. Thus, this immersive process allows students to experience the company and challenge in depth and help understand the ecosystem of Nepali startups and companies.

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