The Mentorship and Me

The Mentorship and Me

“Better than yesterday with vision to surpass tomorrow”

There was a time when I wished to have more confidence in myself, to take a stand for what I want to say and not get flustered. I wanted to be free spirited while talking, to be able to convey what I really mean. I applied for the mentorship which then was introduced in the college for the first time. Fortunately, me and my two friends got chosen in the program where I got to meet our mentor Sagar Satyal.

The mentorship program has been a very valuable investment I have made in myself for the wisdom I got from him. I personally got to experience lots of things which most of us people disregard in our daily life like the thoughts we have has a large portion on what the outcome would be. I got to listen to his personal experience and take on his wisdom on how he got through the situation which he had. Another strong aspect that I got to take away from the class was how you can handle a communication situation. Letting others know of your intentions is crucial in communication. As we think that it’s the other persons’ job to know what we think and feel, well it’s not, we have to let them know of how to communicate it and let them know that they too are in the whole picture.

My favorite part was when Satyal sir got us to think over various things we were grateful for and the person we really admire and their qualities that we look up to. That was one moment when I really got to see clearly what I feel for myself and for those around me. He took the time and made us realize all the things that have happened and embrace them rather than to hold grudge because at the end we are what we are because those happened to us, we stand where we stand because we did what we did and no one else did it for us.

The point of the mentorship for me and probably for those who seek out to be a part in it is make sure they find who they are or at the least take a step on the road they want to be. It’s all about how you take it as and how you work out yourself and see how you turn out to be.

It is not that taking the mentorship will suddenly push you to who you want to be. It’s a class where there’s a mentor who shows you the path that he/she thinks is right for you to take on. And whether you take it or not is totally up to you.

The mentors provide all the help you need in order to figure out your strengths and weaknesses, work on strengths and weaken the weaknesses. Finding about yourself may reveal things that you would want to do and that your strength really backs up your wants but most important part is where you LEARN. It is a place where you can learn, a place where you get to explore yourself, a place where you really can nurture to your fill.

As life of ours as it is, the same goes for the beloved mentorship class – an adventure.


Dipesh Tuladhar

BBA First Semester 2016 Batch
King’s College

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