The College Welcomes Fulbright Specialist Dr. Haan

The College Welcomes Fulbright Specialist Dr. Haan

King’s College is excited to welcome Dr. Perry Haan of Tiffin University, Ohio, USA, as a visiting professor. A professor of Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Dr. Perry, will be helping students and teachers with case studies and research. Dr. Haan, a Fulbright Specialist, will also take different sessions as a guest speaker.

With 30 years experience in the field of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Haan, also wishes to assist students and teachers on subjects he specializes. He said,” Yes, I will be cooperating with individuals, here, with business related topics but I also want them to know that I am available and free to talk about any subject matter.” He requests students to contact him during weekdays through pre-appointment by sending an email at

Dr. Haan says he is very happy to be here and expresses his gratitude to King’s College for providing him with friendly hospitality. He will be with us until August 12.



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