Sharing and Learning with Dr. Rajib Subba

Sharing and Learning with Dr. Rajib Subba

I wish I had the session that I had today in any of my classes during my college days. Being the student of Humanities and Social Sciences for the last ten years, I always had problem in learning the theories propounded by all those great people. I used to linger in one long sentence that my teacher would translate in Nepali and then repeat that again and again, without analyzing it. Worst were the exams, with no good inherent quality of rotting, I used to make my own formulas to understand those theories just for the the sake of writing in exams. But today, I saw a teacher, a facilitator breaking down those theories so easily using short stories, which I love reading.

Today (March 18, 2016), we had the ‘Sharing and Learning’ session by Dr. Rajib Subba for all the faculty members of King’s College. Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Subba, holds a doctorate in Communication and Information Sciences from the University of Hawaii. He teaches Organizational Leadership to MBA students here. I was so amazed to find that a full time professional, who has joined teaching only out of passion, is so dedicated that each of his lessons are well planned. He incorporates games, stories, videos, interesting personality trait questions and many more in every single lesson. In most of the cases we have seen that even a full time teacher hesitating to do that.

Starting the session with chocolates for everyone, he ended up with cheesecake ice cream. This was what he used to do even in his classroom. He shared, “Building healthy relationship with students is so crucial. We must acknowledge that they are there irrespective of the stress they are having in their lives. We, as their mentor, have the duty to guide them.” It was so surprising to know that he used to save the reference mentioned by all the students in their assignments and save it for future. He said, “Those references are the outcome of student’s hard work and I can learn so many new ideas from them.” I wonder how he manages his time for all these works.

In his session, I felt like a child listening to stories, having fun, playing games. The one and half hour session passed without any boring moment. The way he was expressing his childhood dreams of being involved in different fields, which he has achieved by now, made me realize that nothing is impossible if a person tries. Importantly, what I learned today is it’s not the lack of teachers that is hindering our learning, rather it’s the lack of passionate teachers like him.

Bhawana Shrestha
King’s College

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  • I wished I was there too!!

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