Research Culture at King’s College

Research Culture at King’s College

Center for Research and Development (CERAD) is the research wing of King’s College that promotes research culture among its students guided by experienced faculty members and facilitators.
The research journey at King’s College started approximately 18-20 months back. Since then, the center has successfully carried out three research works.
The center started with an industrial analysis of Nepal Drugs Ltd. and Gorakhkali Rubber Udyog Ltd. Both were commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and were conducted by a team of 5 faculty members and 4 students.
The research concluded that, contrary to the expectation of the Ministry of Industries, both the enterprises weren’t worthy of revival.
The second one was titled “Assessment of Media Scenario in Nepal: a study of Kathmandu Valley and Dhading district”. The main objective of the research was to find the most preferable print media, radio and television along with the preferred time of their consumption.
The latest research was titled Status and Profile of Social Enterprises and Social Entrepreneurship in Nepal: a study from Kathmandu Valley. This research was assigned by Social Entrepreneurship Activation (SEA) Center and promoted by Korea International Cooperation Agency and Work Together Foundation.
Questionnaire surveys were carried out among social enterprises to identify the major hindrances that stopped those enterprises from proliferating. The major output of the research was that banks and financial institutions did not seem to support social enterprises.
The research team also tailored a definition for the Social Entrepreneurship by the end of the research which says, “Social Entrepreneurship is the process of providing ethical and innovative market solutions for neglected social problems.”
The center is planning to carry out three more research works in the near future.
The first one is related to the use of remittance for the livelihood of people. The main objective of this research will be to find the consumption basket of people in all the three regions of Nepal and to suggest the possible investment opportunities of remittance.
The second research assesses friendly entrepreneurial environment for women entrepreneurship in Nepal. This research is to be endorsed by Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal.
The third research is concerned with Content Analysis whose objective is to identify the key features and words that colleges and Business schools use in their advertisements.


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