Reflection: Empowering Fridays with Ashutosh Tiwari

Reflection: Empowering Fridays with Ashutosh Tiwari

Compromising an extra hour’s sleep, I excitedly joined the Empowering Fridays session 08 led by CEO of Sherpa Adventure Gear Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Ashutosh Tiwari and it turned out to be totally worth it.

The session was divided into two halves: the opening half was about Mr. Tiwari sharing his experiences dealing with hiring fresh MBA graduates and the second about his classroom experiences as a teacher. This combination provided an interesting perspective on what the corporate world expects from graduates and how colleges can better groom them to meet those expectations.

My assessment that Nepalese students have a hard time expressing themselves was echoed by Mr. Tiwari emphasizing a strong need for graduates to possess solid communication and synthesizing skills. As Mr. Tiwari put it, degrees have become commodities. With markets becoming increasingly volatile and disruptive, graduates need to be better equipped to tackle new problems they will face in the next 40 years of their professional journey.

The session has encouraged me to:
1. Help students improve their questioning ability.
2. Encourage students to use framework thinking as opposed to operating at default mode of thinking.
3. Engage students in teams so that they are better equipped to work in project environments in the future.
4. Encourage students to use subject knowledge in chunk rather than using concepts in isolation.
5. Urge students to strive for holistic development instead of studying merely for grades.

Overall, the perspectives shared by Mr. Tiwari helped me understand the needs of recruiters and their expectations from educational institutions. This was my second time as a participant in the sessions and I’ve already learnt so much in trying to improve myself as an educator.
If you are a passionate and proud educator looking for avenues to grow, I strongly encourage you to join us every Fridays at the Empowering Fridays sessions.

Sagar Satyal is a passionate educator whose life goal is to help students express themselves better. He is involved with King’s College as part of King’s Mentorship program that helps students with speaking, writing, and confidence building.

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