My China Experience

My China Experience

Reflection by Anish Thaku
Anish is a student pursuing MBA degree at King’s College

I was one of the lucky few who got the opportunity to be the part of King’s student team for educational tour in China along with students of several other colleges. With great enthusiasm, curiosity, nervousness and energy I set my journey to the land of Dragon which has been currently dominating the world economically and politically too. This was a great opportunity for me as a business student to learn about the Chinese culture and economics that will be very helpful for my career.

Since we crossed the border of China it amazed me one thing after another. Even before landing, the development of china could be observed even from air. As our fight landing time was at night, the bright lights of the city and various infrastructure of it left us in awe with our eyes glued on it to see the bight beautiful city. Then we were received by our university representative at the checking out counter at airport then we were taken to our university where were we would start our learning journey till we were there.


In the morning of very next day we were given a very warm welcome by the president and managing director of the international relation department of HEIBEI University of Business and Economics. After giving us short but a very warm welcome our daily schedule plan was handed out to us which we had to follow to make it our best learning experience. In the classes that we were given to us we learned about Chinese culture, calligraphy, songs, life style, politics, business environment, economics, importance of tea, kung fu and many other stuff. The things we see and hear about china from TV and internet was just a small bit from what we were taught in our classes and it continued to amaze us that how China has become one of the most powerful country in the world but still continues to follow its thousands of years of tradition till now in the same manner.

Nepal is known for its hospitality, but after experiencing Chinese hospitality I have to admit it was very heartwarming experience. They catered to our each and every need. So much that after we mentioned that the typical Chinese food they prepped for us wasn’t in our preference, they changed the meal course in such a way that we would enjoy it. The university even allocated their five best English speaking students and faculty to us, to facilitated us around the university premises and outside visits too. Who became very attached to us and we became attached to them during our such short period of visit.


For our field visits we were taken to various places like Dairy Factory, Great Wall of China, Forbidden Palace, Olympic Stadiums, Confucius Headquarters in Beijing and Confucius Homeland in Qufu. Though our field visit had only one place which was directly related to business i.e. Dairy factory but visiting various historical and modern landmarks of the country made me realized that how the government of China has been giving importance and managing it so well to these iconic place which gave birth to hundreds of business entrepreneurs and jobs to thousands of people. This made me realized that if implemented same strategy in all the historic landmarks of Nepal, the scale of benefit to the economy will easily quadruple in no time.

As business student there is so much to learn just by having a brief look around. Every nook and cranny has something to teach you, if you have good eye of observation what is going around you. One thing that tops my list of things that I have learned in China is that business is not just making a living but an art that needs to be well crafted and practiced to become successful. As an artist put their signature touch in their art, entrepreneurs are the artist of the business. The signature element they put in their business model makes them famous for it in the market.

To sum it all up, I have to say getting the opportunity to visit China personally was an eye opening experience as a student and as professional for future that I would not have learned with textbooks or digital medias. I am and always will be grateful to the management of King’s College for arranging this amazing visit to its student for lifelong learning experience.

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