Mentorship Program at King’s College

Mentorship Program at King’s College

With an objective to provide grad and undergrad students a platform to express themselves better, Empowerment Academy (a wing of King’s College) has started conducting Mentorship Program for the last 10 months.

Students are mentored in groups. They are made to discuss stories and experiences, so that they learn the value of sharing and become more mindful about their lives. The program also promotes introspective activities that makes the students know more about themselves. There are one-on-one sessions as well, where a mentee individually interacts with his mentor(s) about his experiences of the program. A mentee has to undergo a minimum of four one-on-one sessions in a cycle.

The mentees need to write a reflection e-mail after every session about the main takeaways of the session which naturally enhances their e-mail writing skills. “It’s a great platform to learn about oneself and from the experiences of others who are on a similar path. Mentorship is a wonderful concept to help build confidence in young guns who are just starting out,” according to Sagar Satyal, one of the mentors who looks after the program.

King's Mentorship

Each student needs to take up an individual project which could be anything that they were procrastinating for a very long time or a skill that they need to work on. For e.g., if a student wants to improve on his writing he could take that up as his project and the mentors provide him with guidelines to achieve his goals. Similarly, if a mentee wants to improve on her people skills, the mentors provide her with particular ideas and channels that with help her build better connections and move closer towards her objective.

Each cycle of the program is conducted for 2 months on a weekly basis. So, the students who want to know more about the program are kindly requested to contact Sagar Satyal ( Bhawana Shrestha (

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