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Mentorship Pathway is an initiative at King’s college that started in March 2016, with a motive to help young minds explore their potential and express themselves, thereby building confidence in the process. By cultivating a culture of open-mindedness and compassion, Mentorship Pathway enables students to understand themselves and the people around them better.

What do we offer?

  • A 10-week Mentorship Program that focuses on the five key-components of emotional intelligence: Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Self-motivation, Empathy and People Skills
  • One-on-one sessions for mentees to talk to mentors personally and share anything in order to become better versions of themselves
  •  Mindfulness sessions for individuals to cultivate a mindful living and learn to ease into the present moment and let go of things that hold them back
Reading Circle at Kings College
One on One Session
  • Writers’ Avenue for individuals to come in and become better at articulating their thoughts and interpreting different forms of writing
  • Readers’ Circle is another initiative that has been designed to help instill in people a culture of reading, sharing and critical thinking
  • Improv Theatre for mentees to know themselves better and learn people skills while having fun at the same time

What are our Objectives?

  • To nurture mentees with emotional intelligence and help them become better versions of themselves
  • To provide young minds with a platform where they can explore and express and get critical feedback for their growth and development
  • To help mentees become more aware of their thoughts and emotions so that they can attain a sense of calm
  • To enable the mentees form their own perspectives and help them articulate it in the form of discussions, writings and collaborative activities
  • To create a community of open-minded learners, creative articulators, good improvisers, and compassionate humans

Please contact Miss Aprajita Jha at for more details.