The curriculum of MBA for working professionals is same as that of Full Time/Regular MBA. This is a flexible delivery of the program. Its methodology is customized to suit the needs of working professionals and entrepreneurs who wish to balance between their studies and work properly. The program incorporates a mix of theory with practical applications and supplements traditional lectures with hands-on case analyses and project plus on-line activity directly from US professor.

MBA Program Objectives

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program will allow students to –

  • Analyze, synthesize and evaluate the knowledge acquired through research and apply it to practical business situations;
  • Integrate formal academic learning with individual business experience so that meaningful personalized learning takes place;
  • Think analytically and globally within a business environment; and
  • Develop a motivation for and appreciate the wisdom of acquiring lifelong learning.

MBA – Marketing Concentration –

48 Credits of Core MBA Courses + 12 Credits of Electives (Total 60 Credits)

Course CreditsTitle
BUS 5003Organizational Leadership
BUS 5053Managerial Economics
BUS 5103Marketing Management
BUS 5253Strategic Management in a Globalized Economy
BUS 5303Managing Information Systems & Technology
BUS 5353Managerial Accounting
BUS 5403Organization Behavior
BUS 5503Financial Management
BUS 5573Applied Methods – Capstone
BUS 6003Managerial Communication
BUS 6013Operations Management
BUS 6043Data Analysis & Bus. Intelligence
BUS 6053Business Research Methodology
BUS 6063Entrepreneurship
BUS 6303International Business
BUS 6223Financial Statement Analysis
BUS 5580Professional Development Module
BUS 5590Internship