France visit by King’s team

France visit by King’s team

Recently a delegation of four students (Pradeep Dhakal, Bibek KC, Arati Maharjan, Alisa Shrestha) led by two faculty members Ms. Upasna Acharya and Late. Mr. Gautam Basu, participated in an international youth conference in Toulouse, France from 16-24 October 2016, representing King’s College. The conference was titled –The world climate pact for youth, Cop 21 ACTE II – 2016, a part of the climate change program, culminated in Paris in 2015. The conference provided the students with an opportunity to have a global perspective on climate change and to prepare a roadmap of their ideas that could be implemented to change the environmental conditions of the country, by the end of 2017.

The conference was chaired by French Scientist Mr. Alfredo Pena-Vega and was jointly organized by Jeunes du Monde, Socitete Edgar Morin, Paris, France and ligue d enseignement, Toulouse, France. The conference saw the participation of youth from 15 different countries. The delegates from all the 15 countries gave presentations on the environmental issues specific to their region. The Nepali delegates gave presentations on ‘Impacts of climate change in water resources of Nepal’ and ‘Solid waste management in Nepal.’ Apart from the intercultural exchange and laying out of possibilities and ideas, a youth alliance was formed in the program to combat the issues of climate change.

Student's from King's College at France

King’s College has always valued collaboration as an indispensable part of its culture. The students at King’s are always encouraged and equipped to explore, enhance and enrich themselves with experiential learning. The collaboration of King’s college with the various national and international organizations provides the students with a platform like cultural exchange programs through which they get exposure to the world outside their access.

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