Once the students get the ‘Concepts’ of the business world by nearly the end of the academic program, the college helps them embark upon entrepreneurship of the students own for sake of ‘Application’ of those concepts. For this, King’s has set up Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurial Development (CINED).

The CINED, founded since the establishment of King’s College, not only provides students with access to seed capital, but also professionalizes and equips them with the skills needed to achieve and sustain success in the students’ entrepreneurial endeavours.

More importantly, the CINED is a business incubation center where students can seek technical advice and mentoring support while establishing their business.As a unique initiative to support King’s students, CINED located at the sixth floor of the college encourages, motivates and facilitates the students by developing their creative business ideas into business ventures.

The mission of CINED is to develop King’s College as a prominent domestic/international hub acclaimed for significant entrepreneurial research, education, training and development besides striving to establish King’s College as an outstanding institution nurturing and promoting genuine entrepreneurs and diaspora entrepreneurial development.

Major Objectives

  • Initiate research in understanding the evolution, characteristics and practice of successful national, regional, and global entrepreneurs/entrepreneurship
  • Frame, design, and conduct essential training sessions for aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs to boost up their entrepreneurial potentiality/capabilities
  • Create and promote innovative yet effective entrepreneurial practices in order to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Offer all types of support to aspiring as well as existing entrepreneurs to start-up or scale-up their ventures/operations
  • Promote and encourage the adoption of social entrepreneurial concepts and practices among aspiring and existing entrepreneurs

Major Functions

  • Plan, schedule, organize and conduct regular workshops, seminars, talk sessions, symposiums, conferences and conventions for continuous dissemination of information pertinent to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial development
  • Build up significant awareness of social entrepreneurship in the community members, corporate houses, small/medium enterprises, students, and other stakeholders, besides promoting the same through regular workshops, seminars, talk programs, exhibitions, and road shows
  • Mentor and guide the potential as well as prevailing entrepreneurs through every phase of their ventures
  • Provide office space/accommodation within the premises of King’s College for the entrepreneurs enabling them to avail of appropriate guidance from experts
  • Undertake research/study in the areas of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, besides publishing the findings
  • Publish the “Journal of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development” every year, and to ensure that it is undertaken strictly and regularly
  • Seek for funds from national/international agencies, organizations, donors, and institutions, in order to make available the required capital to burgeoning and enduring entrepreneurs