Center for External Collaborations (CENEC), set up in 2014, is the significant body at King’s College that aims to promote the institution for wider and global recognition.

The CENEC’s mission is to develop strategic partnerships and collaborations with diversified national and international organizations to promote the interests of King’s College besides striving for global recognition of its brand and simultaneously augmenting its overall image.

Major Objectives 

  • Develop working relationships with diversified domestic and global universities, public enterprises, governmental/non-governmental Institutions, corporations, and private organizations
  • Use collaborations as an effective tool for the development of faculty members by improving access to programs like faculty exchange, trainings and workshops.
  • Identify and explore other appropriate areas of collaborations and prepare a broad list of potential partners and associates, besides reaching out to establish strong tie-ups.

Major Functions

  • Seek for affiliation/partnership opportunities that can add value to King’s College, besides expediting such collaborations
  • Support the students and faculty members to identify opportunities for funding of research and other undertakings, besides assisting them to apply for such funds
  • Develop and promote cooperation with International Academic Institutions, Global Associations & Societies, and Universal Agencies and Bodies to facilitate Exchange Programs for the College’s students and faculty
  • Seek for Financial Assistance from International Agencies & Bodies to fund the activities and/or campaigns of the Center
  • Assist the students who are keen in continuing higher education overseas, to choose the right university/institution and support them to get accepted and enrolled
  • Explore and identify overseas’ job placement prospects, besides ensuring that the students are properly groomed and trained for such opportunities