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Combating Writer’s Block

Asmita Gyawali, MBA Mr. Lee, the director of ongoing drama, “Dignity at Muzzle” is panicking. Apparently, Ms. Wang cannot write the drama script because she is experiencing writer’s block. Episode 14 is supposed to be filmed within a week, but now, it seems impossible. This would destroy everything, the broadcasting channel, the time slot, the […]

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The Mentorship and Me

“Better than yesterday with vision to surpass tomorrow” There was a time when I wished to have more confidence in myself, to take a stand for what I want to say and not get flustered. I wanted to be free spirited while talking, to be able to convey what I really mean. I applied for […]

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My China Experience

Reflection by Anish Thaku Anish is a student pursuing MBA degree at King’s College I was one of the lucky few who got the opportunity to be the part of King’s student team for educational tour in China along with students of several other colleges. With great enthusiasm, curiosity, nervousness and energy I set my […]

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Change begins from a teacher

To demonstrate mutual respect, I addressed students using “tapai” and tried to counsel students rather than threaten them but, a week later a group of teacher complained the administration that, “Sushant Sir is pampering the students, if it goes like this, the students will soon stop obeying the rest of the teacher”, and to me […]

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