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I M Besharam. You know you are too!

I run a sex toy business in Nepal. You heard that right, I help people buy sex toys in Nepal. It has merely been 7 months since I started the business, and market penetration is good and our consumer base is growing. I’ll come back to that part a bit later.   We’re not Saudi […]

By Ghost | Guest Blog

Questions are Questions

“Friday is for fabulous people to get the things done and get ahead in life.” With this in mind, it’s another enlightening chapter of Empowering Fridays by passionate and proud educationist – Mr. Pavitra Gautam and Mr. Sakar Pudasaini (co-founders of Karkhana) who are serious to untangle the bungled Nepalese education system. was always a […]

By Kshitiz | Guest Blog

An Empowering Friday with Kumar Thapa

I have great admiration for teaching profession and passionate teachers. Behind most successful students there is a teacher who believed in them. I would not be the person I am today without the support, encouragement and guidance from my teachers. I am always grateful to all the teachers in my life. Right from the teacher […]

By Umes Shrestha | Guest Blog