Our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is designed to facilitate courses in management and business principles. Various National and International Universities have been offering different concentration courses as students can choose to specialize in Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, Digital Marketing, Accounting, or Economics.  The courses which are being offered allow students to learn and to get ready to  face realistic circumstances, in terms of business and daily life.

48 credits

General Education Courses

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60 credits

Business Core Courses

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12 credits

Specialization Tracks

Marketing, Finance, HR, Digital Marketing

BBA Specialization Areas

BBA Marketing in Nepal


Marketing concentration will help students to become better communicator, individually and in a team setting. Today, marketing is all about communicating one’s ideas about products and services to the mass. Students will now  Learn more..

BBA in HR Nepal

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management concentration course prepares students to work with people and to resolve conflict situations. Students will also learn good people skills and communication skills, effectively. In business world, employees are treated as valuable assets, so it is essential for students Learn more..

BBA in Finance Nepal


Specialization in finance provides students with knowledge and understanding essential to make sound investment and financing decisions. This concentration focuses on quantitative and analytical skill necessary to make appropriate  Learn more..

BBA in Digital Marketing Nepal

Digital Marketing

The world is getting digitized day by day. This has made Digital Marketing course a career option. With massive impact in the field Advertisement and Marketing, Digital Marketing course prepares students to know about its effectiveness and convenience in today’s world. Students can learn how companies Learn more..