ASER Research Team Receive Certificates

ASER Research Team Receive Certificates

Recently, a group of undergrad students of King’s College were involved in a survey project conducted in collaboration with ASER-Nepal. Our students visited Parsa district to collect data. The project included field work, documentation, finding & training volunteer surveyors, translating testing materials, and a final reflection paper by the students.

Before visiting the field, Aditi Adhikari from ASER-Nepal had conducted a preparation class to the students for five weeks. Her purpose was to develop knowledge and skills that would enable students to conduct research and use it in practice and in making policy.

During a reflection sharing program held on May, the students received certificates for their active participation in the project. One of our BBA students, Susmita Shrestha, reflected on her visit and experience:

“Living with the locals of Parsa, listening to them all day and thinking about them changed me. The schools their children were attending were mere buildings. Students were promoted to higher levels but the knowledge barely grew. We often complain about our lives, but in Parsa, I felt like they had nothing to complain about. The locals were happy with whatever they had. I felt like my experiences working on ASER’s pilot made a great impact in my life. I learnt a lot of things. Besides everything, I learnt a lesson about how magnanimous life is.”

ASER-Nepal is hopeful that the contribution from students will help them make data-driven decisions about education policy and on the investment in education.

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