Academic Writing Workshop Held at King’s

Academic Writing Workshop Held at King’s

A 6-day long Basic Academic Writing Workshop was recently held at King’s College. The sessions were led by Sweta Baniya, a PhD Student in Rhetoric and Composition from Purdue University, USA.

In the workshop, the students were guided for a research process in order to brainstorm before writing a research paper – which is fully based on Westcliff’s Academic System. Main objectives of this workshop were to learn how the form of writing takes impacts, what can be communicated, and what it means. Furthermore, the sessions focused to understand how a person’s different modes of writing require to take on different writerly personae.

Besides, our students were engaged in learning to research academic sources, papers, journals, and peer-reviewed essays. They also drew knowledge on how to do logical claims, APA format, argument support, bibliography presentation, and so on.

In a theoretical and activity based sessions, Ms. Sweta gave lectures based on academic research and academic writing. She also assigned students for group and individual activities to create an outline, write thesis, topic sentences, and writing introduction. Finally, the session ended with peer reviews and overall reflection.


Picture Courtesy: Niranjan Pokhrel

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