A rendezvous with Prajwol Wagle

A rendezvous with Prajwol Wagle

What comes to your mind when you hear about the mentorship program? Most of us don’t even know that such a program exists in the first place! That is why, we had a short article on the program the last time. Even if the students know about the program, they tend to assume that the program is just about counselling sessions to the lost ones.

We talked to Prajwol Wagle—a former assistant and graduate of the King’s Mentorship Program, to know about his experiences of the program. Here’s a glimpse:

Why did you want to be a part of the mentorship program in the first place?
I was an introvert. I wasn’t very interactive in my classes. My only routine was to go to college, attend classes and head straight back to home. Gradually, I started coming out of my comfort zone and participating in extracurricular activities. In my efforts to do so I came across Umes Shrestha Sir who encouraged me to be a part of the program. So, it happened that I met Sagar Satyal, one of the mentors in the program. I was going through a rough patch at that point of time and after I attended a few sessions, I felt like I absolutely needed it. I needed it to explore and express myself.

What were your expectations from the program?
By the program’s name I interpreted that it might have something to do with confidence building. What I needed was exactly the same. I needed a direction to channelize my abilities and someone by my side to guide me. I needed someone to tell me that I should do what I want to. I also wanted an emotional support as I was having family and relationship issues. I needed reliable people to share my experiences with. I wanted a platform where I could express without the fear of being judged.

Was the program able to live up to your expectations?
You could very well say that the program was able to do so because the things that I learned from the platform was really able to change my perception about the society in an optimistic manner. Like I previously said, my movement was limited from classes to home and vice versa but when I started sharing my stories and experiences with the other people in the program I found myself becoming interactive. The program made the objective of transforming myself possible for me.

It is obvious for somebody to meet new people during the tenure of a program. How well could you connect with your fellows?
Before the program, my interaction was limited to a very few friends and family members. I was quiet at home as well contrary to my younger sibling who is very talkative and it really bothered my parents. During the program I started speaking more, sharing more and becoming a better communicator. All this fortunately led me become an assistant for the program. I started meeting new people and making more connections. My friends noticed the change in me and gave me positive feedbacks. I started out with 4-5 people and now I have uncountable people in my life to interact with, metaphorically speaking (smiles).

What changes do you think the program brought to your life?
I had never expected drastic changes but I worked on improving my communication skills which was enough for me to begin with. I started speaking more, I improved my writing, I inculcated the habit of reading books often. I took part in extracurricular activities and started considering opportunities that would help me grow as a person. My confidence grew more than ever before and I started building connections with new people. These are small but significantly valuable changes for me.

What message would you like to give the others looking for a similar platform?
I am very thankful to Empowerment Academy and King’s College which started such a nice initiative. Most colleges don’t give importance to these kind of activities and programs. They only focus on academic performance which produces students with limited abilities. The Mentorship Program is an outstanding platform that encourages the students to explore themselves beyond the walls of classrooms. Most people also have a misconception that it has something to do with psychotherapy and counselling. No it doesn’t! It’s a platform that provides students with just the right amount of guidance and motivational support to improvise themselves. I would definitely recommend it for people who are struggling to express themselves.

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